My Specialties & Services

Individually tailored sessions to overcome personal issues that hold you back through the use of hypnosis, Eye Movement Therapy (not EMDR), Parts Therapy, and Regression to bring about internal transformation.

I Work With Individuals & Groups

Stress and Anxiety

Feeling stressed out can be linked to ideas that replay over and over in our subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy uncovers the root cause of our stress, providing immediate reduction in these feelings, which is measurable.

Feelings of Fear, Anger, Sadness or Resentment

These feelings can pop up without warning and affect the harmony in our homes, affect our ability to work or make money, and affect our relationships with people. Hypnotherapy allows you to resolve these feelings, sometimes in as little as 1-3 sessions.

Weight Loss

Using hypnotherapy, you can lose a reasonable amount of weight with fewer struggles than you have had in the past. Using a series of sessions (3-5), you can see progress towards your goal right away in most cases.

My Expertise


Feelings of Anger

Fears and Phobias

Test-taking Anxiety

Feelings of Anxiety

Weight Loss

Lack of Motivation

Family Member Conflict

Feelings of Resentment

Job Loss or Change

Feeling Down

Irregular Sleep Cycles

Isolation and Loneliness

Strained Relationships

Postoperative Pain Control

Pre-procedure Anxiety

Dental Anxiety

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Brevard County, Florida

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